The Truth

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The Truth
The Truth
Gender Male
Gang Na.
Hometown San Andreas
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice Peter Fonda

The Truth is an aged hippie living on a farm in Red County. He cultivates weed, which he sells to Officer Tenpenny. However, Tenpenny forces CJ to buy weed for him and is ambushed by cops. The Truth is forced to burn down his own crops before the cops find it, leaving him almost bankrupt. After that he goes to San Fierro where he helps to build the garage in Doherty, together with his old friends Jethro, Dwaine and Zero. Later on in the game he will give you an assignment in which you have to steal a jetpack, which in turn is used to steal another mysterious item from the military. He will be your friend during the whole game. He has a Camper which he calls the "Mothership".

The Truth is a "hippie", a youth culture which started in the middle of the sixties. This group was at the beginning of various revolutions like the social, the sexual and the musical.