Undress to Kill

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Mission in GTA IV
Ruff Rider
Undress to Kill
The Holland Play
Starts at DwayneMarker.png Dwayne's apartment
Given by Dwayne Forge
Reward $6250,=

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When Niko meets up with Dwayne Forge, Dwayne will tell him that life has no meaning to him any more and that he has no more energy to build everything up. When Niko asks him what it is he really lost, Dwayne will tell him that after he was arrested, his club was taken over by others. A real club for people who were important, a real gentlemen’s club. A strip club, that is. Niko will help Dwayne by getting rid of the managers.

Go to the marker strip club, and when you get there you must enter unarmed. Otherwise people will start shooting at you. So enter while your fists are selected. You do not know who the managers are, so you better listen to the conversations. One of the managers is in a room on the left after you entered the club. Another one is talking to one of the hookers and the third is in the back of the club (where you usually get a private show from one of the hookers). Choose which one you want to kill, select a weapon and shoot him. Now people will start shooting at you, and the other two managers will try to flee. Chase them and destroy their car. When it is broken and both men have stepped out of it, you can shoot them.


  • A full ring of health and armor comes in handy.
  • Park a car outside the exit and enter the club. Shoot the manager in the room on the left (right before you enter the actual strip club). Then turn around en quickly go to your car. This way you have the least chance of getting killed yourself. When you are in your car, chase the other managers and kill them by performing a drive-by.
  • If you do not want a chase there is another tip. After you hear that one of the managers, Jose, is counting money in the small room, you can kill him with a knife or another melee weapon without causing commotion. Then you must look for the other two managers. When they are on your radar, you must kill the one in the “lap dance room”. The other manager, Javier, will take cover behind a chair and will not run immediately. Now you can easily take down the guards who come after you and then kill Javier.


If Brucie is already a friend of you he will call Niko on his way to the strip club to ask him to come to a strip club with him. Niko will refuse and he will tell him he already is going to a strip club, but for business and not for pleasure.


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