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Unique Stunt Jump made!
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GTA San Andreas contains 70 Unique Stunt Jumps spread over San Andreas. An Unique Stunt Jump is made by driving with a vehicle at high speed at certain places over a ramp. The view shifts to another camera position from where you'll have a good view at the jump, the jump will also be shown in slow-motion. When you land at the right place you'll get a confirmation that you made the jump correctly. For every Unique Stunt Jump you make you'll be rewarded with a bonus of $500.=. The Unique Stunt Jumps are, in contrast to other GTA's, not necessary in order to complete the game with 100% progress.


  • The NRG-500 is due to it's fast acceleration an ideal vehicle to make all Unique Stunt Jumps. By giving Carl Johnson an aerodynamic position you gain a higher speed over a short distance. This position can be achieved on a PS2 by moving the left analog stick slightly forward, on a PC this is done by tapping the arrow-up button.

Descriptions with screenshots

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 36 43 68 69


Unique Stunt Jumps San Fierro Las Venturas Whole map
Los Santos Color Print friendly
Unique Stunt 23
Unique Stunt 24
Unique Stunt 25
Unique Stunt 26
Unique Stunt 27
Unique Stunt 28
Unique Stunt 29
Unique Stunt 30
Unique Stunt 31
Unique Stunt 36
Unique Stunt 43
Unique Stunt 68
Unique Stunt 69
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