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Like in previous GTAs vehicles play another big role in GTA IV. Parked cars can be stolen by smashing a window in order to provide access to the car. Once in a car, or another kind of vehicle, you hotwire the vehicle to start it. However, the police is more vigilant than in previous GTAs: it is more difficult to steal a vehicle wihout getting a wanted level. A safer option is to call a taxi to get to your destination. It is possible to enjoy a ride in the taxi through first person view, or you can skip the ride to arrive at your destination immediately.

The camera while driving is positioned lower than in previous GTAs and more comparable to the camera used in Midnight Club.

Name Brand Vehicle Type Locations
Admiral Dundreary Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Airtug ZZUnknown Car Airport tug Click
Ambulance Brute Car Medical car Na.
Annihilator Western Company Aircraft Helicopter Na.
Banshee Bravado Car Sports car Na.
Benson Vapid Car Truck Click
Biff HVY Car Truck Click
Blista Compact Dinka Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Bobcat Vapid Car Pickup Na.
Boxville Brute Car Truck Click
Bucanneer Albany Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Burrito Declasse Car Van Click
Bus Brute Car Bus Click
Cabby Schyster Car Taxi Na.
Cablecar ZZUnknown Cable car Cable car Na.
Cavalcade Albany Car SUV Na.
Cavalcade FXT Albany Car Pickup Na.
Chavos Dinka Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Cognoscenti Enus Car Sedan (four-door) Click
Comet Pfister Car Sports car Na.
Contender Vapid Car SUV Na.
Coquette Invetero Car Sports car Na.
DF8-90 Imponte Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Dilettante Karin Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Dinghy ZZUnknown Boat Dinghy Click
Dukes Imponte Car Muscle car Click
Emperor Albany Car Sedan (four-door) Click
Enforcer Brute Car Police van Na.
Esperanto Albany Car Sedan (four-door) Click
Faction Willard Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Faggio City XS Motorcycle Scooter Click
Feltzer Benefactor Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Feroci Bravado Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
FIB Buffalo Bravado Car Police car Na.
Fire Truck MTL Car Fire truck Click
Flatbed MTL Car Truck Click
Forklift HVY Car Forklift Click
Fortune Vapid Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Freeway Western Motorcycle Motorcycle Chopper Na.
Futo Karin Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Habanero Emperor Car Station car Click
Hakumai Dinka Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Helitours Maverick Western Company Aircraft Helicopter Na.
Hellfury Western Motorcycle Motorcycle Chopper Na.
Huntley Sport Vapid Car SUV Na.
Infernus Pegassi Car Sports car Na.
Ingot Vulcar Car Station car Na.
Intruder Karin Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Jetmax Grotti Boat Speed boat Click
Landstalker Dundreary Car SUV Na.
Laundromat Declasse Car Van Na.
Lokus Emperor Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Manana Albany Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Marbelle Willard Car Sedan (four-door) Click
Marquis ZZUnknown Boat Yacht Click
Maverick Western Company Aircraft Helicopter Click
Merit Declasse Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Minivan Vapid Car MPV Na.
Moonbeam Declasse Car MPV Na.
Mr. Tasty Brute Car Ice cream van Na.
Mule Maibatsu Car Truck Click
NOOSE Cruiser Vapid Car Police car Na.
NOOSE Patriot Mammoth Car Police car Na.
NRG 900 Shitzu Motorcycle Chopper Click
Oracle Übermacht Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Packer MTL Car Truck Click
Patriot Mammoth Car SUV Na.
PCJ 600 Shitzu Motorcycle Chopper Na.
Perennial Dinka Car Station car Na.
Peyote Vapid Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Phantom Jobuilt Car Truck Click
Pinnacle Annis Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
PMP 600 Schyster Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Police Cruiser Vapid Car Police car Na.
Police Maverick Western Company Aircraft Police helicopter Na.
Police Patrol Declasse Car Police car Na.
Police Predator ZZUnknown Boat Police boat Na.
Police Stockade Brute Car Police van Na.
Pony Brute Car Van Click
Premier Declasse Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Presidente Albany Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Primo Albany Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Rancher Declasse Car Pickup / SUV Click
Rebla Übermacht Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Reefer ZZUnknown Boat Fishing boat Click
Ripley HVY Car Pushback Click
Roman's Taxi Albany Car Taxi Na.
Romero Albany Car Hearse Na.
Ruiner Imponte Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Sabre Declasse Car Sedan (two-door) Click
Sabre GT Declasse Car Muscle car Na.
Sanchez Maibatsu Motorcycle Dirt bike Na.
Schafter Benefactor Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Securicar Brute Car Money transport Na.
Sentinel Übermacht Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Solair Willard Car Station car Na.
Speedo Vapid Car Van Na.
Squalo ZZUnknown Boat Speed boat Click
Stallion Classique Car Muscle car Na.
Steed Vapid Car Van Click
Stratum Zirconium Car Station car Na.
Stretch Dundreary Car Limousine Na.
Subway ZZUnknown Metro Metro Na.
Sultan Karin Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Sultan RS Karin Car Tuner Click
Super GT Dewbauchee Car Sports car Na.
Taxi Declasse Car Taxi Click
Trashmaster Brute Car Garbarge truck Click
Tropic ZZUnknown Boat Speed boat Click
Tug ZZUnknown Boat Tug Click
Turismo Grotti Car Sports car Click
Uranus Vapid Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Vigero Declasse Car Muscle car Click
Vincent Maibatsu Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Virgo Dundreary Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Voodoo Declasse Car Sedan (two-door) Na.
Washington Albany Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Willard Willard Car Sedan (four-door) Na.
Yankee Vapid Car Truck Click
Zombie LCC Motorcycle Chopper Na.

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