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Besides the vehicles that appeared in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony features several new vehicles. There are also vehicles that come with a new, modified, version next to the original design. These are the Cavalcade, Faggio, Police Cruiser, and the Schafter. The original versions are still available besides their new counterparts.

Name Brand Vehicle Type
Akuma Unknown Bike Motorcycle
APC Unknown Car APC
Bati Custom Pegassi Bike Motorcycle
Blade Unknown Boat Speed boat
Brickade HVY Car Armored van
Buffalo Bravado Car Muscle car
Bullet GT Vapid Car Sports car
Buzzard Unknown Aircraft Attack helicopter
Caddy ProLaps Car Golf cart
Double T Dinka Bike Motorcycle
F620 Ocelot Car Sports car
Floater Unknown Boat Speed boat
Hakuchou Shitzu Bike Motorcycle
Hexer Liberty City Choppers Bike Chopper
Police Bike Unknown Bike Police motorcycle
Police Stinger Albany Car Police car
Serrano Benefactor Car SUV
Skylift Unknown Aircraft Aircrane
Slamvan Vapid Car Van
Smuggler Unknown Boat Speed boat
Stretch E Benefactor Car Limousine
Super Diamond Enus Car Sedan (four-door)
Super Drop Diamond Enus Car Sedan (two-door)
Swift Unknown Aircraft Helicopter
Tampa Declasse Car Muscle car
Vader Shitzu Bike Motorcycle

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