Waste Not Want Knots

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Mission in GTA IV
Harboring a Grudge
Waste Not Want Knots
Three Leaf Clover
A Long Way to Fall
Starts at PackieMarker.png McRearys house
Given by Patrick McReary
Reward $8000,=
Possibility to date Kate

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When you enter the house of the McRearys you will meet up with Packie, Kate and two other men. After Kate leaves Patrick will distribute some weapons. Patrick tells you they are going to rob the mafia and he asks you to join them. You agree on this and once you are outside you will have to find a 4-door car. After you have found one you will have to drive to the garbage depot on Colony Island. Once the car is parked you will have to climb over some fences to get at the depot.

There are some guards you have to take down. Once you are inside you have to get the money from the office, but you better take down the guards first. Once you have the money, other people appear to be after the money as well. Patrick already went outside, so you have to take them down alone (with the other two guys) to get to Patrick. Once you are outside Patrick tells the other two to keep the enemies on a distance while you and Patrick take off with the money. You will have to jump into the water to get the Dinghy. After Patrick is on board you will have to bring him and the money into safety. Patrick will drop you off at the pier close to the swimming pool in Dukes and then leave.


  • Once you have the money, you better stay on top of the stairs and kill the men near the exit. Do not bother about the other ones, that way you will meet up with Patrick much quicker.


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