Air Raid

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Wear Flowers in your Hair
Air Raid
Supply Lines
Starts at Marker Zero's RC Shop
Given by Zero
Reward $3,000.=

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Before you can start this mission you've to help Zero, his landlord is selling the shop and therefore Zero has no place to live and no safe haven from Berkley, buy the shop for $30,000.=.

In the cut scene you will hear that Zero won the first price in a science contest and that Berkley, who finished second, came back to revenge Zero. He intends to destroy the aerials on the roof of Zero's RC Shop.

Together with Zero you will go to the roof, where you have to use a minigun. Zero is present with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames, in case the aerials are on fire. From all sides, there'll come RC Barons with bombs, which you've to shoot down with the minigun. This mission can be quite difficult, it's a matter of good aiming and to shoot the small planes down as quick as possible. When you survived 3 minutes and 18 seconds, you passed the mission!


  • Start the mission by daylight, so you'll see the planes easier.
  • Don't shoot at Zero, first he'll start with 'friendly fire', but when you continue Zero dies and the mission is failed.
  • Just shoot down the planes you see and don't listen to the directions of Zero, because he'll warn you about planes which are still far away.
  • Without cheats this mission can be very difficult on the PS2, because of the restrictive aim-possibilities, but can also on the PC be a handful. You can use the cheat 'Blow up all near cars'.
    • Xbox: BlackWhiteRight TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteBlackXYBYWhiteLeft Trigger
    • PS2: R1L2R1L1L2R1SquareTriangleCircleTriangleL2L1


First attack.
More attacks.
Mission passed!