Supply Lines

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Air Raid
Supply Lines
New Model Army
Starts at Marker Zero's RC Shop
Given by Zero
Reward $5,000.=

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In this mission you have to destroy the couriers of Berkley, who deliver goods to customers. You have to use a RC Baron with some kind of machine gun, which aims automatically.

Attention: this mission requires some flying skills. You have to be quick too, because you have limited fuel and the fuel tank empties very fast.

There are five couriers: three with Berkley's RC Vans, one with a Sanchez and one with a BMX. Three are in short range but for the other two you've to fly to the other side of San Fierro. Your best option is to destroy the closest couriers first, this way you save the most fuel.

When you destroyed them all fly back to Zero's RC Shop, land on the roof in the marker and the mission is passed.


  • At the nearest van and the BMX, you've to shoot one time and the couriers will come out of their vehicle. Then you've to shoot on their bodies.
  • Land a bit behind the couriers, they won't drive away as long as you don't shoot, and start shooting. Because you shoot at close range you'll be very accurate and the vehicles will be easy to destroy.
  • Use the 'Accelerate'-button (for the PC it's standard the [W], for the PS2 it's the Cross) as little as possible. The RC Baron floats easily so you don't have to accelerate constantly, this way you'll save a lot of fuel.
  • When you're still unsuccessful you can skip this mission and play it any time you like. Zero's missions are not mandatory to complete the storyline of this game, but you'll need to pass them in order to get a 100% progress.


Start mission.
Three more left.
Two more left.
Only one left.
All couriers are dead.
Return to Zero.
Mission passed!