Amphibious Assault

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
between 8:00pm and 6:00am
20% Lung Capacity
Amphibious Assault
The Da Nang Thang
Starts at WoozieMarker.gif Wu Zi Mu's
Given by Wu Zi Mu
Reward $11,000.=

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For this mission you need 20% Lung Capacity. When you don't have that you'll see an alternative cut scene, in which you will see CJ and Woozie playing a video game. Carl will hear he has to learn to swim, before he will get a new mission from Woozie. When you have the needed lung capacity go to the marked place at the docks after the cut scene. Step into the marker and you'll see a cut scene where you jump into the water. Now you have to complete a small course, which consist of swimming and diving. Swim through the markers and dive when it's indicated through the coronas. At the end you'll end up in open water. Three boats of the Da Nang Boys are sailing there, which you have to pass by diving under water until you're close to the ship. Swim under the ship to the other side and go upstairs. Grab the knife and make your way to the indicated place, using the stealth-mode. You can also shoot everyone immediately. Plant the bug and go outside the ship, jump into the water and swim back to the docks. And again watch out for the boats of the Da Nang Boys.


  • When you don't have enough lung capacity you'll see a cut scene in which Woozie tells you to learn to dive. Carl tells him afterwards that he learned swimming at the docks of Los Santos and once he got a condom stuck on his face.
  • In order to increase your Lung Capacity, you could meanwhile collect Oysters, or just swim for about half an hour meanwhile dive every time once your lungs are full of oxygen again.
  • When you don't move in the water the Da Nang Boys on the boats won't see you, so wait every time until your lungs are full with oxygen.
  • Once you're on the ship it's easy to kill the Da Nang Boys on the boats and to destroy the spotlights, so those won't trouble you anymore. The easiest way to do this is with heavy artillery. This can also be done from the small isle between the shore and the ship.
  • Once you jump into the water during this mission it's impossible to get a wanted level. This gives you the opportunity to easily collect Oyster 14 and Oyster 21 at the Easter Basin Naval base, San Fierro.


Conversation between CJ and Woozie.
Follow the coronas by swimming and diving.
Swim towards the ship. Try to be as much under the water as possible.
Kill the Da Nang Boys at the ship.
Plant the bug.
Mission passed!