The Da Nang Thang

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Amphibious Assault
The Da Nang Thang
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Starts at Marker Wu Zi Mu's
Given by Wu Zi Mu
Reward $15,000.=

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Drive to the Marker on your map and you will start the mission with Woozie. After the cut scene, you are in a Maverick with a minigun. Kill all gang members on the ship until you see a member with a rocket launcher. Your helicopter will be shot down and you'll fall into the water with only a knife left in your hands. Get on the boat and kill the Da Nang Boys member using the "stealth-mode". He will drop his weapon which can be very useful. On your way to the hostages in the hold of the ship you've to watch out for the Da Nang Boys members, who all want to kill you. Once you're below there will be a gang member with a grenade, when he throws it you've to walk away and after that you've to kill him quickly. Shoot the lock of the container to free the hostages. Now you've to go to the marker on your map and on your way there will also be a lot of gang members you've to kill. Once you are at your destination you're holding a katana and in front of you stands the "Snakehead", also with a katana, kill him! Then you've to go back to the marker and you will be on a Dinghy, mission achieved sir!


  • When you're having trouble with the "Snakehead" you can also shoot at him instead of using the katana.
  • Once you're in the water after you survived the helicopter crash, you can swim back to shore and go to the nearest Ammu-Nation to buy some weapons. Then you have to go back to the boat and continue the mission. This will make the mission a lot easier!


Meeting with Woozie.
Kill the Da Nang Boys.
Kill the Da Nang Boys.
Kill the Da Nang Boys. Watch out for the grenade!
Release the hostages.
Kill the Da Nang Boys.
Kill the old Snakehead.
Mission passed! The hostages are safe.