Blood Brothers

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Mission in GTA IV
Tunnel of Death
I Need your Clothes, your Boots, and your Motorcycle
Blood Brothers
Random character: Clarence
Starts at FrancisMarker.png Castle Drive, Castle Garden City
Given by Francis McReary
Reward Kill Francis:
Kill Derrick:

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Francis heard Derrick is back in town and that you hang out with him. Francis thinks Derrick is in his way to become chief of police. That is why Francis asks you to kill Derrick when Francis and derrick have an appointment. After some threats you will agree. Derrick will call you to tell you Francis wants to meet him and he is afraid Francis wants to kill him. Derrick now asks you to kill Francis at the meeting. The choice is yours! When you are near, Francis will call you to tell you to take a small elevator up and to be careful not to hit him. To reach the elevator you have to climb over some planks. When you reach the roof you will see a cut scene in which the two meet. Now the choice is yours: Who will you take down?

Once you have made your choice and you killed him, you have to leave the roof and crime scene.


  • You do not know who to kill? Look over here.
  • When you decide to kill Derrick you should call Francis before you shoot. When you do so, he will give you a higher reward.


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Who do you choose?