Lure (GTA IV)

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Mission in GTA IV
Holland Nights
Blood Brothers
Starts at FrancisMarker.png Castle Gardens at the pier
Given by Francis McReary
Reward $5.000,=

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You will meet McReary at the beginning of the jetty, next to a fountain, in Castle Gardens. He is angry with you because in the previous mission, Holland Nights, you only killed the boss of the organisation and now the main lieutenant is hiding in an apartment and wants to talk to the FIB. Niko does not want to kill the lieutenant but McReary insists and persuades you to do it. The lieutenant lives in an apartment at Denver Avenue between Vauxite Street and Wardite Street. McReary left a sniper rifle for you in a Feltzer on the corner of Albany Avenue and Manganese Street. You have to get it and then you will call McReary. Once you are in the car you will have to drive to Denver Avenue, park in front of the apartment and call McReary, who will tell you the lieutenant will be on the third floor. You will have to shoot him from the roof of the building which is on the other side of the street.

Once you are on the roof, you will notice you do not have a clear shot at the dealer and you have to lure him to the window. During the cut scene as well with your sniper rifle you can see the number of the phone (545-555-0122) which is next to the television. There are three ways to lure him to the window, you can shoot his television or satellite, but you can also call him. If you shoot the television or satellite he will be looking outside the window, if you call him he will be standing next to his television to answer your call. In all these cases you will have a clear shot. After you killed him you have to leave the roof and the building. When you are outside you will call McReary to tell him the job is done.


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