Harboring a Grudge

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Mission in GTA IV
Call and Collect
Harboring a Grudge
Waste Not Want Knots
Starts at PackieMarker.pngMcRearys house
Given by Patrick McReary
Reward $8000,=

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When you enter you will see Patricks mother lecturing Patrick and his sister Kate, because they are arguing. Kate likes you and Patrick introduces you as a poor drug dealer from Eastern Europe. You and Patrick leave the house and you have to go to a storage facility at the harbour. Apearently there is a ship coming in supplied with medication which you have to steal. Once you get there you will have to get on top of the roof of the facility to get a good look over the dock. To get there, you have to climb on some piles of wood together with Patrick. When the boat arrives you have to wait until everything is loaded in a truck. When the truck is loaded you have to get back downwards and shoot all guards. When you are inside the truck you have to wait for Patrick to get in and the you have to drive to the lockup. two cars will follow and shoot at you. You can destroy them, but if you drive fast enough that will not be neccesary. Once you are at the lockup Patrick’s boss will be there. He promisses to call you whenever he has a job for you.


You do not have to go downwards to kill all the guards. You can also stay on the roof and shoot them from up there with an assault rifle or a SMG. A lot of guards are close together, you can take them down with a grenade. Be carefull! Do not throw a grenade near the truck, if it is blown up you have to start all over again. Inside the facillity where the truck is standing you will find a door towards a small room . Inside is a health box which will restore your health up to 100%.


After this mission the Liberty Tree will update its newspage with info about this mission.


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