Catch the Wave

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Mission in GTA IV
Catch The Wave
Starts at PhilMarker.png Honkers
Given by Phil Bell
Reward $7.500

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When you meet up with Phil at Honkers he will ask you to go outside with him to talk. He asks you if Ray is a true friend, Niko explains he is no friend, just a business contact who pays well. When Phil wants to answer, someone appears to tell the boss has to go to the Docks, because it is very important and Pegorino said Phil will understand. Phil says it is three days early, and asks you to join him. A Steed is waiting for you, you do not know why. While you are driving Phil will explain it to you. It is about a stash of cocaine. He wants to steal the cocaine from some Russians who want to sell it to the Ancelotti’s. He wants to sell the cocaine, and make a lot of money. Once you are in the van you will have to drive to the boatyard on Charge Island, the cocaine will be brought from Vice City by boats. Phil tells it is Jimmy P.’s plan to just collect the cocaine. The van you are driving is the one the Russians expect to appear, and some of Phil’s men stole it earlier from the Ancelotti’s. But we all know the Russians are that stupid. They will not let you just take the cocaine, and you can expect a major fire fight.

Once you get to the shed the Russians will suspect something, because Phil does not know the password. Use the element of surprise by getting out of the van, and quickly kill the first Russian. Take cover and kill everyone inside the shed. Take care of Phil; he wants to rush forward as fast as possible so cover him. Once everyone inside is dead, you go outside. Outside, by the boats, you will have to kill some more Russians to get to the boat with the cocaine. Phil will take the right one, you will have to take the left one. Board the Speeder and go together with Phil to the harbour on North Holland. While going there you will be attacked by two Russian boats. Stop them and follow Phil to the harbour on North Holland. Once you get there it appears not to be a harbour, just an ordinary pier. Dock the boat and get on land. Get into the marker to pass the mission.


  • Start the mission with full health and armor, and some nice weapons, at least a SMG and an assault riffle.
  • When inside the shed, you better pay attention to the Russians who are above you.
  • Inside the shed there will be health and armor on the left.
  • When you have to stop the Russian boats, you better aim for the driver. He is unprotected and when he is dead the boat will not follow you any more.


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