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Mission in GTA IV
Catch The Wave
To Live and Die in Alderney
Starts at PhilMarker.png Depot in Normandy
Given by Phil Bell
Reward $10.500

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When you step into the marker, you will meet a hasty Phil who takes you right back to the car. He asks you if you saw a helicopter while you were on the road and that you will have to go to the Sprunk factory, near Port Tudor. While driving he will explain the situation. The Russians you robbed in the previous mission, Catch the Wave, went to Charlie Matteo, an important member of the Ancelotti family. They told him it was you who stole the drugs. Phil has no idea how they knew, it does not matter any more, but he wants you to kill Charlie before he flies to Algonquin. Otherwise he is able to inform the committee you are opposing the Ancelotti’s.

Phil tells you there are two ways to gain entrance. Simply through the front door and meet everyone face-to-face, or through the back door and to kill everybody from the basement. The second way is easier; to sneak around the back door. Go to a small tunnel. When you get out of the car and go left towards the building (ook NL) the tunnel is beneath you. On your left is an entrance towards the tunnel. When you are in the tunnel, you will see a barrel with fire and a generator. Here there will be a hole in the wall, go though it. Just before you get to another hole, you will see two men. Kill them both and use the collapsed floor to get to the first floor. Use the stairs to get to the next floor. Shoot everybody, but watch your back when going up the stairs. Through the holes in the ceiling you are able to kill some men on the third floor. After that you go upstairs and kill the remaining men on that floor. Use the stairs to go to the next floor. Shoot the guy behind the ventilation pipe and go up the broken stairs. Kill the four men who are on the other side of the wall. After you did this you go to the next room and kill everyone over here. Charlie will jump through a window; you will have to follow him. Once outside you will have to kill everyone and use the wooden bridge to get to the other side. Once you are on the other side, you will have to turn around and look up, to the roof of the factory. You will see two men, who will open fire, kill them. Go to the next bridge and use it to get to the other side. Charlie will climb up a ladder, go after him. Once you are at the top, you will see someone on a higher part of the roof (ook NL). Kill him and go forward, at the end you go left and up the stairs. A cut scene will start in which Charlie will hang down from the approaching helicopter. Use your RPG to destroy the helicopter. Sit back and enjoy the show, mission passed!


  • Start the mission with full health and armor, and some descent weapons with at least a SMG and an assault riffle. Make sure you have at least one grenade for your rocket launcher.
  • There will be armor on the second floor and health on the roof, both might come in handy.