Clean Getaway

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Mission in GTA IV
Hung Out to Dry
Clean Getaway
Ivan the Not So Terrible
Starts at VladMarker.png Comrades Bar
Given by Vladimir Glebov
Reward $150

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When you enter Comrades Bar Vlad will go to his car, which is just outside the bar, with you. On the way to his car he is very unfriendly towards several pedestrians and he insults a begging bum. When Niko and Vlad are in the car Vlad will sniff some cocaine and he tells you about a silver Blista Compact you have to steal. He will not bring you, you have to take the subway there.

So walk to the Hove Beach subway station, which is nearby, and take the subway. If you do not want to see the ride to the next station, you are able to skip it. When you arrive at the next station you have to walk to the Blista Compact, which is parked nearby. Two men are washing this car. You can beat them up, but you do not have to. Steal the car and while driving you will call Vlad and tell him how things went and what to do with it. Niko will also tell him the Compact Blista is really dirty, Vlad answers he can not sell a dirty car. Therefore you have to go to a car wash. So drive to a marker car wash and drive in the marker. Once you have been through the car wash you have to drive to Vlad's garage and place the car in it. Once you have done that, the mission is passed!


  • The subway drops you on the side-branch at Dukes Boulevard. This is strange because it is closed due to maintenance, and the subway usually does not stop there.
  • When you have damaged the Blista Compact too much, with a smoking motor, some bullet holes and a flat tire, Vlad will give you a call later that day. He will complain about the fact that the car was rubbish, and he had a date that evening. Niko will react very dryly.

– Vlad
Hey, yokel. What the fuck? That car you got to me, it looked like shit. I got a date tonight.
Too bad, man. It was clean, wasn't it? Well, maybe you should stay home. Goodbye.
– Niko