Hung Out to Dry

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Mission in GTA IV
Bull in a China Shop
Hung Out to Dry
Clean Getaway
Starts at VladMarker.png Comrades Bar
Given by Vladimir Glebov
Reward $120

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When you enter the Comrades Bar, Vlad will tell you he is very pleased about the things you do. But there is someone else who has not paid protection money. You will have to teach him a lesson and make him pay. It is an owner of a laundromat. Go to the laundromat and walk into the marker. When Niko enters the shop and tells that the owner owns Vlad money, the owner will throw a basket filled with clothes towards Niko and he will start running. Quickly follow him to the back of the store. The owner will go outside and flee in a van. Steal one of the cars and chase him. When you are near the van of the laundromat-owner you have to start whacking it. Do this until a cut scene starts: He has got the message. Now Niko will call Vlad and tell him the job is done. Vlad has some more jobs for you.


  • When you have a gun, for example the pistol that was given to you in Jamaican Heat, you can shoot at the car. This will make thinks easier and it will stop sooner. You will get a wanted level, but do not pay too much attention to that. When the car stops and you get your money, it is gone.