Deconstruction for Beginners

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Mission in GTA IV
Blow Your Cover
Deconstruction for Beginners
Photo Shoot,
Ruff Rider
Starts at PlayboyMarker.png Playboy X's loft
Given by Playboy X
Reward $6500,=

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In this mission you will meet Dwayne, but he will not be a part of the rest of this mission. Playboy X asks you to help him to evacuate a construction site. By evacuating he especially means to get rid of the so called construction workers. By completely destroying the construction company he wants to impress the famous real-estate developer Yusuf Amir and to get in touch with him.

Make sure you have enough armor, because there will be a lot of shooting in this mission. In this mission Playboy X will provide you with weapons. Drive to the place where the weapons are hidden in a car. Get in, to retrieve them.

On the other side of the alley you will see a small elevator. Use it to get on top of the building. One of the weapons Playboy X has given you is the sniper rifle, which you have to use over here. Shoot the three guards who can be found on the end of the cranes.

Use the elevator to go back to street-level, and go to the construction site. Now you have to use some other weapons, like the AK-47. Make sure you take cover, because there are quite a few guys you have to kill. Your target is to kill all “Union Leaders”. There are four of them, and they are marked (in red) on the radar. First you have to go up one floor, where will be explained how a hand grenade works. Then you have to walk around the building, and shoot everyone you meet. Finally you will have killed your four targets, and the mission will be accomplished.


  • In the beginning, when you are on top of the building, you can shoot some more guards. This will make things a little easier.


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