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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Cesar Vialpando
Burning Desire
Los Sepulcros
Starts at Marker Ammu-Nation
Given by Sweet
Reward Respect
Marker Ammu-Nation is open

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In this mission you'll learn how to take over hoods from rival gangs. In the beginning of this mission you're advised to buy weapons in the Ammu-Nation. You only need to do this when you don't have enough ammo or strong weapons. Afterwards go to Glen Park, the Ballas hood, and kill three Ballas within the area, now you've started a gang war. There will be three waves of Ballas who will try to defend their territory, every next wave they'll come with better weapons: kill them all. When you survived all three waves you've taken over the hood. The only thing left to do is to kill another Ballas, when he's dead you passed this mission.


  • Not only in this mission, but also with the hoods you take over in the future, it is advisable to let the enemy approach from the one side. Stand at a strategic location, stay low (making you harder to be hit) and shoot as well as possible, when you're able use head shots. After each wave of enemies health and armor can be found in the area, so grab them in between waves when you need to and get back to your strategic position.