Los Sepulcros

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
between 9:00am and 5:00pm
Los Sepulcros
Reuniting the Families
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Sweet
Reward Respect

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It's pay-back time! After the Ballas disturbed the funeral of Beverly Johnson you have to disturb a Ballas funeral and kill Kane. First you've to recruit two homies by aiming on them and to let them follow CJ. Drive in the Greenwood to the cemetery of Vinewood and park your car behind the cemetery, for this you've a time limit of 4 minutes. Jump with the others over the wall and wait until Kane arrives.

When Kane arrives kill all the Ballas and kill Kane. Get with Sweet in the Admiral near the exit, it's pointed out by a blue arrow, and drive back to Grove Street. Now you'll have a 2 or 3 star wanted level, if you want to you can loose them at the nearest Pay 'n' Spray, not far away from the cemetery. When you're back in front of Sweet's House, the mission is passed!