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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Nines and AK's
Sweet's Girl
Home Invasion
Starts at SweetMarker.gif Sweet's House
Given by Sweet
Reward $500.=

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In this mission you have to do a couple of drive-by's on the Ballas. Get in the Greenwood and go to the marker. Now you have to attack four groups of Ballas, be careful because your car isn't bulletproof and the mission will fail if the car is destroyed. An indicator in the HUD represents the car's health.

Drive full-speed to the first group and try to knock down as many Ballas as possible. Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder are doing drive-by's on the survivors. After you killed this group you have to go to a second group of Ballas. You have to do exactly the same. The third group can be killed rather fast, you just have to knock down the group and half of the group will be dead immediately. Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder will kill the rest.

At the end you have to kill a fourth group in Glen Park, in the same way as the groups before. After you killed this group you will get a 2 star wanted level. Drive to the other side of the bridge (still in the park) and go through the small gate to collect a cop bribe. By doing so, you will lose one star wanted level and attract less attention from the police. Now drive as fast as possible to the PayAndSprayMarker.gif Pay 'n' Spray, meanwhile that 2nd star will return. You'll have to loose your wanted level at the Pay 'n' Spray by given the Greenwood a new paint job. Your wanted level has been suspended, if you commit a crime whilst the stars are flashing your full wanted level will be reinstated. So drive carefully back to Grove Street and you'll pass this mission!


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