Dust Off

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Mission in GTA IV
Portrait of a Killer
Dust Off
Paper Trail
Starts at ULPCMarker.png United Liberty Paper Office
Given by United Liberty Paper Contact
Reward $7000,=

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Again your contact needs you to take down someone. While you are going to the indicated location he will call you. He will tell you that a helicopter will take off from Civilization Plaza; you will have to follow it and steal it when it has landed. Once you get to the helicopter you have to follow it all the way to a remote place along the shoreline. When it has landed, they will not let you take it that easy. You will have to shoot everyone and then take off with it. You will have to fly it to Francis International Airport, where you have to park it next to a stand. Some men who word for your contact will pick it up.


There are three different ways to take down the men around the helicopter quiet easily:

  • Place your car crosswise when you get in a shootout, and use it for cover.
  • Jump in the water, swim towards the front guards, and climb up the stairs. When you start shooting from there, you will not get a wanted level immediately.
  • You can also use a sniper rifle to shoot them all. That way you can hit them, but they can not hit you.


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