House Party

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Management Issues
between 8:00pm and 6:00am
House Party
Reuniting the Families
Starts at Marker Burger Shot
Marker Grove Street
Given by OG Loc
Reward Respect

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This mission is actually divided into two parts, first a cut scene in which OG Loc quits his job at the Burger Shot and returns to Grove Street. He invites CJ for his party at his house in Grove Street. After this cut scene the Marker marker is located in Grove Street and you've the ability to save your progress in one of your safe houses.

Join the house party between 8:00pm and 6:00am, during the party a Grove member tells you that there's a car with Ballas on their way to Grove Street. You barricade the street and have to kill the Ballas with the other Grove members. After the first attack the Ballas will attack you from the bridge above of you, kill them too. After this wave they come from all sides, kill them all and you'll finish this mission.


  • After you survive the first wave there will be a number of Ballas above you on the bridge. If you kill them from beneath you might get in trouble by the third wave. A good way to kill them is going onto the bridge along your safe-house and kill them from up there. The third wave spawns in front of your safe house and in the alley next to it, so you can carefully walk back and kill them one at a time.