Reuniting the Families

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Gray Imports
High Stakes, Low-Rider
House Party
Just Business
Los Sepulcros
Robbing Uncle Sam
Reuniting the Families
The Green Sabre
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Sweet
Reward Respect

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Sweet wants to reunite the different families again, so they made an appointment in the Jefferson Motel. When everybody is there and Sweet goes inside the police shows up. Big Smoke and Ryder run off, so it's up to CJ to save Sweet.

Go immediately inside the building and ignore the cops outside. Inside it's a matter of surviving: stay low, kill every cop you see and make your way to Sweet. You can use the soda-machine downstairs in the lobby when CJ's health is low. It's amusing to kill every cop followed by a kiss from the saved girls in some rooms, which is also good for CJ's health. Finally you'll reach Sweet. After a cut scene you're, together with Sweet, on the roof and there will be a Police Maverick, kill the cops and destroy the helicopter. After that you both walk downstairs and get in the car with Big Smoke and Ryder.

Now you are in the back of the car with an AK 47. Destroy as many police cars as possible. Watch out for the cops on motorbikes, they'll jump on the car.

After a drive through Los Santos you'll come into an alleyway. Here you'll see one of the greatest experiences in the whole storyline!