Management Issues

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
between 12:00pm and 5:00am
Management Issues
House Party
Starts at Marker Burger Shot
Given by OG Loc
Reward Respect

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OG Loc wants you to take out Madd Dogg's manager.

First you will have to steal the car of one of the manager's drivers, who's eating in the Burger Shot in Temple. On your way OG Loc calls you to tell you that the driver has left the Burger Shot and is on his way back to meet with the other drivers. Drive against his black Elegant, which makes him step out of it, kill him and take the Elegant.

Now you will have to make sure the other drivers won't become suspicious by the looks of the damaged Elegant. Repair the car at the local Pay 'n' Spray and meet with the other drivers. Park your car in between the two other black Elegants, facing the same direction. Stay between the two other cars while on your way to pick up the manager.

Upon arriving at the ceremony, the manager will get in your car. Now drive as fast as possible to the pier at Verona Beach, but watch out for the other two cars as they will try to ram you. At the end of the pier you'll have to bail out of your car. The car will plunge into the sea and the manager will drown.