I'll Take Her

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Mission in GTA IV
I'll Take Her
Starts at GeraldMarker.png Alderney State Correctional Facility
Given by Gerald McReary
Reward $9500
Gracefully Taken

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Part I: I’ll Take Her...

After either Derrick’s or Francis’ funeral, you will be called by an anonymous caller. It appears to be Gerald, who calls from the prison in Alderney. He has put you on the visitors list, because he wants to talk to you. When you get to the prison, you will notice that Gerald is under heavy surveillance. Because he is not able to give you any details about his next job, he asks you to call Packie. After Niko leaves the prison, he will call Packie, who will tell you about the job. Gerald wants you to kidnap the daughter of the old man Ancelotti, she is called Gracie. This is what you have to do: Go to the nearest internet café and go to the website Scroll down and you will save Gracie’s number, which is by the pink Feltzer, in your phone. Call Gracie between 08:00 AM and 09:00 PM to continue this mission.

Part II: ...I’ll Take Her

When you call Gracie, she asks you to come to her house in Alderney. When you get there, she will flirt a little by saying she likes European men. Niko asks het if it is possible to do a test-drive, and she agrees. After a small conversation, during which Gracie thinks Niko is more than just a buyer, he will tell het he is send to kidnap her. Gracie will not be cooperative and she will try to grab the steering wheel or to jump out of the car. This makes driving the car really hard. Keep on driving, and after a while Niko will hit Gracie and she will be unconscious, which makes the driving a lot more easily. Stop in the marker, to start a cut scene. Niko will deliver Gracie to Gordon Sargent, who will guard Gracie. Mission passed!


  • Unlike the mission Final Interview it is not possible to perform from a PC inside a safe house. This time you will have to go to a [email protected] internet café.


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