Life's a Beach

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
OG Loc
between 10:00pm and 6:00am
Life's a Beach
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Starts at Marker Burger Shot
Given by OG Loc
Reward Respect

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OG Loc wants you to steal a Sound Van from a beach party. Go to the beach party and talk to the DJ, answer her questions positive and CJ has to dance for her. While dancing there will be a series of arrows on your screen, after you pushed the right keys at the right time the DJ will open her Pony with the sound system for you. Steal the Pony and bring it to the marked garage. There will be cars coming after you and they will be shooting at you, but this isn't very difficult. When you placed the Pony with the sound system into the garage the mission is passed.


  • If you've San Andreas for the PC, you've to put your settings to the minimum.
  • Try to get some 'rhythm', then it's a lot easier.


Life's a Beach.
On the way to the party.
Dancing - Perfect.
Steal the sound van.
Sound van stolen.
Mission passed!