Madd Dogg's Rhymes

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Life's a Beach
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Management Issues
Burning Desire
Starts at Marker Burger Shot
Given by OG Loc
Reward Respect

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In this mission you'll learn the 'stealth'-mode; you've to steal the Rhyme Book from the well-known rapper Madd Dogg. CJ refuses at first but after OG Loc starts to rap this convinces CJ to help him...

Go to Madd Dogg's Mansion and enter the mansion through the back door. You've to sneak past the guards in 'stealth'-mode. The moment you entered the house the only weapon you've available is a knife, which you've to use to kill the guards without making any noise. You've to do this by crouching behind a guard, aim and use the "fire"-button to cut his throat. Sometimes you've to hide in the shadow to make yourselves invisible to the guards. You can see when you're invisible when the icon on the radar turns blue and you'll hear Carl's breathing. Make your way through the house and steal the Rhyme Book. After you get the book you don't have to use the stealth-mode anymore, your other weapons are restored and ready to be used. Once you're outside you've to bring the Rhyme Book to OG Loc, mission passed.