Out of the Closet

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Mission in GTA IV
Easy as Can Be,
Roman's Sorrow
Out of the Closet
After Part I: The Puerto Rican Connection
After Part II: No. 1
Starts at BrucieMarker.png Brucie's house
Given by Brucie
Reward $6750,=

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Part I: Out of the Closet...

Brucie and Roman tell you that you are going out on a date, with a guy! At first Niko does not want to hear about it, but later he is okay with it. To get in touch with the guy you have to go to So go to the internet café and log on. Once you are online you go to The easiest way is to click on the advertisement on the start page. Then click on the "Male"-button. The guy’s nickname is "French Tom". Search for him and then click on the "more"-button. You will read some more information about French Tom. Scroll down and click on the "date"-button. Now you have to wait for French Tom to respond by e-mail. In the meantime you are free to do some other things, like going out with your friends. Roman will send you a text message to remember you of your date, and he tells you to check your e-mail. Do this and you will see that French Tom has responded. Open the e-mail and respond positive. You will have to be at the 69th Diner by 12:00 a.m. If you have enough time, you are able to do some other things first. At 10:00 a.m. you will receive a reminder about the date and again one at 11:30 a.m.

Note: When you have already done the mission Blow your Cover by Elizabeta and have finished the first part of this mission, the last mission by Manny Escuela will be available; The Puerto Rican Connection.

Part II: ...Out of the Closet

After the first reminder at 10:00 a.m. you can go to the 69th Diner. When you enter it you will meet French Tom. You will start talking and after a while you will get the message to take out a weapon. Select your pistol while talking. You will see the message that you can stand up. When you have a weapon selected you must do so. French Tom will see the gun and start running. Aim at him and shoot him. Because you are in the territory of the Russian Bratva, the chances are big Russian gangsters are around. If this is so they will respond to the shots by opening fire.


  • Place a getaway car by the side of the Diner. After you killed French Tom you run out at the side and get in the car. Floor it and leave the Russian gangsters staring at you. It is also easier to lose a possible wanted level by car.
  • Taking a seat and talk to French Tom is optional; you can also kill him by using free aim.
  • Another way not to attract any attention and which makes sure no-one will start shooting you is by killing French Tom with a knife. This is a silent murder and thus no-one will be alarmed.


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