Photo Opportunity

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Photo Opportunity
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Given by Cesar Vialpando
Reward Respect

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In the cut scene Cesar calls you, he tells you a car with Ballas gang members is coming to San Fierro to get some drugs. They want to find out who is supplying them, so Carl Johnson will have to meet Cesar just outside San Fierro. Get a vehicle and go to Blueberry, Cesar stands next to the FleischBerg billboard. Get in his Savanna and drive to Angel Pine, but don't take too many risks, because the mission will fail when the car is damaged too much. Once you get in Angel Pine, walk up the roof of the Lovin' a Lone building and step into the marker. Now you'll have a Camera to photograph the men coming to the meeting.

You need to photograph the faces of four persons. The first two will park their cars at the parking lot right in front of you. Zoom in before you make a picture of their faces, because otherwise the photo will not count as a good one. First Ryder and a Ballas will show up, photograph the face of Ryder. Shortly after his arrival T-Bone Mendez shows up, photograph his face. After this two other men will show up to the right at the street. First Mike Toreno and shortly after his arrival Jizzy B. shows up, photograph their faces. You've passed the mission. Now you'll see this hint on-screen: Use your camera to check out San Fierro - who knows what you might discover!', which is a reference to the Snapshots.


  • Make sure to zoom in on their faces and be quick to take the pictures, for each person their will be only a short moment for a correct photo.


CJ and Cesar.
At the meeting point.
Zooming in.
Mission Passed.