Robbing Uncle Sam

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Robbing Uncle Sam
Reuniting the Families
Starts at Marker Ryder's Place
Given by Ryder
Reward Respect

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Ryder is taking you to steal some weapons from Uncle Sam. Drive with Ryder to the harbor, when you arrive you have to open the gate to let Ryder in. You have to climb over the small wall next to the gate and kill the guard. Then shoot the switch in order to open the gate. Also shoot the the switch on the shed, inside the shed are another two guards; kill them. Get in the Forklift and search six boxes, four inside the shed and two outside. You have to put the boxes into the Mule. Sometimes you have to get out the forklift to kill some soldiers, because otherwise Ryder will die and you will fail the mission.

When you have the six boxes drive with Ryder to the place where you have to deliver the boxes. Two Patriots will chase you, try to shake them off. You can order Ryder, by using the horn, to try to destroy the patriots by throwing boxes.


  • You can keep the gate closed and go directly to the shed. When the four guards are dead you can put the boxes ready relative easy. Then you open the gate for Ryder. The soldiers are coming, when the Mule stands in it's position.
  • As soon as you hear gunshots get out of the forklift and help Ryder kill the soldiers, because he's a lousy shooter and when he dies the mission is failed.
  • When you drive with the Mule to the marked place you can order Ryder to destroy the patriots by throwing the boxes, but you can also stay on the road. The patriots will not get in your way (most of the time, one patriot will destroy itself).