Ruff Rider

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Mission in GTA IV
Deconstruction for Beginners
Ruff Rider
Undress to Kill
Starts at DwayneMarker.png Dwayne's apartment
Given by Dwayne Forge
Reward $6000,=

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When you arrive at Dwayne’s place, he will tell you he lost everything and no-one wants to speak with him any more. Not even his girlfriend Cherise. He heard she is now dating Jayvon, someone who helped getting Dwayne arrested. So he betrayed him and now he also stole his girlfriend. Niko decides to go talk with the two of them and to get Dwayne’s money back.

Once you regain the control over Niko, you must go to the arcade in Chinatown, where they often hang around. There will be a cut-scene in which Niko asks about the money. Jayvon curses and jumps on his motorcycle. Now you can choose whether you will let Cherise alive or not. After you made that decision you still have to kill Jayvon. Chase him and kill him. When he is dead you have to take his money. Niko will call Dwayne to tell him he has got the money and they arrange a meeting at the Cluckin’ Bell. So go to the Cluckin’ Bell and walk inside. Dwayne will be on the elevation. Get to him to tell him the news and to give him the money.


Perform a drive-by on Jayvon to get him of his motorcycle. If you do not know either to kill Cherise or not, you can take a look over here.


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