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Mission in GTA IV
Do You Have Protection?,
Concrete Jungle
Russian Revolution
Drug Delivery
Random character: Badman
Starts at LittleJacobMarker.png Little Jacob's house
Given by Little Jacob
Reward $250,=
You are now a Friend of Little Jacob

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Little Jacob tells you a drug dealer is dealing weed in South Bohan, where he is not supposed to be dealing. Jacob asks you to track him down, follow him to his supplier and to take them down. So drive to the dealer in South Bohan. Once you get there you will see him make his last deal, after which he will call his supplier to tell him he is coming over for new drugs. Use this opportunity and follow the dealer on foot. Keep a safe distance and just follow him. If you do not start running, nothing will happen. When the dealer enters an apartment, you just follow him. Do not take the stairs, but walk to the door on the other side. Climb over a fence and keep following him. He will pass a brick wall and then turn left into an apartment. Follow him into the apartment. This time you have to take the stairs. Once you are on the fifth floor you will find a pistol. Take it and go into the left hallway. The dealers are in the second room. Quietly go there. The dealers will take cover and open fire on you. Take cover by the post. Shoot the dealer and his two suppliers to complete the mission.


When you have a grenade, it is very easy to kill the two dealers who have taken cover in the small kitchen opposite of the door. The last dealer can be killed easily by entering the room with a pump shotgun.


While following the dealer, Roman will call you to go shooting pool together. Fortunately Niko rejects this proposal.