Small Town Bank

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
One of the four cut scenes of Catalina
Small Town Bank
depends on the cut scenes of Catalina
Starts at Marker Palomino Creek
Given by Catalina
Reward $10,000.=

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First go to the Bank in Palomino Creek, step into the marker when you're there. After the cut scene you'll have to make sure no one of the hostages triggers the alarm. This will happen when the arms of the hostages go down to a critical level. To prevent this you have to aim at them so their arms will go up again. Eventually one of the hostages will trigger the alarm. Now you've a 3 star wanted level. Shoot every ATM-machine to get the cash out of them. Grab the cash and follow Catalina outside. The police will be all over the place so make sure you and Catalina don't die.

At the end of the alleyway two policemen on HPV1000's will block your path, kill them and get on the bikes. Once on the motorbike follow Catalina. On your way you'll come upon a cop bribe, drive through it to loose one star. After a while Catalina will crash into a police car. Stop your bike next to her so she can hop onto yours, floor it as soon as she's on it. Drive back to Catalina's Cabin and mission passed.


  • Make sure you've a good weapon like the Desert Eagle, SMG, AK 47 or M4 in order to proceed easily through the alleyway.
  • During this mission you'll have to jump with a police bike over a broken bridge near Palomino Creek, this jump is also Unique Stunt Jump number 45.