New Model Army

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Supply Lines
New Model Army
Beefy Baron
Starts at Marker Zero's RC Shop
Given by Zero
Reward $7,000.=
asset of $5,000.=

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This is Zero's last mission and it's the purpose that you protect Zero and his RC Bandit, so he can reach the other side of the RC Battleground safely. You have to fly a RC Goblin with a magnet, which can be used to move objects.

At the course there will be barrels which you have to remove with the magnet, so Zero can continue his course. When he asks you to get a plank, which you have to use to build a bridge, you have to go back to your base, get a plank, and place it over the river. There are also RC Tigers, which you have to destroy with bombs. The bombs can also be found at your base. When all obstacles are cleared Zero drives into the base of Berkley and the mission is passed.


  • You can leave Zero in front of a barrel and first destroy the RC Tigers with bombs. Later on you'll take care of the other obstacles.
  • The RC Tigers can also be destroyed by dropping a barrel a couple of times on them.
  • You can also grab a bomb and fly after the RC Goblin of Berkley. When the RC Goblin reaches his base, it'll wait for a few moments before getting another barrel. Drop the bomb on the RC Goblin, now you won't have any more trouble with obstacles. After this destroy the RC Tigers.
  • Grab a plank right from the start for the first bridge, so you don't have to worry about it any more, and the next obstacle will take a while.


The Begin.
Zero's RC Bandit.
Grab a bomb.
Bring the bomb.
Berkley, is a loser.
Mission passed!