To Live and Die in Alderney

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Mission in GTA IV
To Live and Die in Alderney
Pest Control
Starts at PhilMarker.png Depot in Normandy
Given by Phil Bell
Reward $12.000

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Niko will ask Phil if he can help him on his search (ook NL). Phil says he likes you, and after all you did for him, he can not refuse. But for now, there is something else that has to be done. Phil will tell you you have to go to the old villa in Westdyke, which you might remember from Phil’s first mission; Truck Hustle. This mission is some kind of follow-up to that mission. Together you drive to the mansion, and Phil will tell you what is going to happen. You are going to get the heroin you left with Frankie. At the mansion you will meet Frankie, who already has divided the drugs over two cars. But at the moment you are inside the garage, the mansion appears to be surrounded by the FIB. Niko and Frankie take one car, and Phil takes the other one.

Drive of as fast as possible and follow Phil. A FIB Buffalo will chase Phil. Destroy this car. Follow Phil until he calls you. Do not shoot at the police cars that follow Phil, they will not harm you. When Phil calls you, he has a plan. He wants to flee on foot to one of his vans. He asks you to park your car behind his when he stops. So when Phil stops in an alley you go further on foot. Take the AK 47, if you want to, and kill the two policemen behind you. Turn around to the other side of the alley. Three police cars will appear, shoot all the policemen. After that a NOOSE Enforcer will appear. Shoot the NOOSE-agents and follow Phil and Frankie to the Speedo. A Police Maverick will appear, you will have to destroy it before you can move on. The three of you can start shooting at it, but using a RPG is much easier. Phil will go to the van and open the back doors, inside there will be a RPG. After the helicopter is destroyed you will have to loose your wanted level. After that, you will have to bring Phil, Frankie and the van to a safe house to pass the mission.


  • Start the mission with full health and armor, and weapons like a SMG and an assault rifle.
  • Because the NOOSE-agents wear a bullet-proof vest, they do not die that fast. You can take them down by blowing them up with their car. A grenade between the cars will be very efficient.


  • If Frankie dies you can still finish the mission. If you are not fast enough destroying the helicopter, they will shoot him. You will have to get the heroin he was carrying, and Phil will say something else inside the van.
  • The mission’s name, To Live and Die in Alderney, is based on the movie "To Live and Die in LA".


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