Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Toreno's Last Flight
The Da Nang Thang
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Zeroing In
Beat the Cock
Courier Las Venturas
Freight Mission
Trucking Missions: Level 7 and 8
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Given by Wu Zi Mu
Reward $25,000.=
Excess to Las Venturas

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You receive a phone call from someone who works for Woozie. You have to get a Tampa in which a bomb has been planted, so you can blow up a factory used for making crack. When you've received the car, drive over to the crack factory next to the Driving School. Shoot the two guards at the gate to make it go open. Drive inside the area surrounded by the walls and kill all the gang members. Drive to the crack factory and use the ramp to get inside. Drive to the back and park the car inside the red marker. Activate the bomb and get out of the factory within 40 seconds. This should be enough time to kill every gangster on your way and getting out alive.

Once outside the factory move back to the gate and keep shooting the gangsters on your way. When you arrive at the gate, you'll see a Voodoo enter the area and the gate will close. Shoot the gangsters driving the car and step into it yourself. Drive a bit back and park your car in front of the big ramp. Make sure you have decent run to get some speed. Make the jump over the wall and drive back to the Doherty Garage.


  • In stead of the jump with the Voodoo you can leave the premises using the freight-containers at the west side of the premises. Climb the freight-containers and jump over the western wall, now walk towards the (closed) gate and you'll be informed to head back to the Doherty Garage to complete the mission.
  • When you haven't done Unique Stunt Jump 19 yet you'll do it while jumping over the walls with the Voodoo.
  • If you fail the jump with the Voodoo and destroy the car a new Voodoo will spawn at the premises. This way you can try it as often as you like using as much Voodoo's as you like.


Getting the car bomb.
Getting attention by killing guards.
Ramp to get in the factory.
Place the car into the marker and activate bomb.
Get out of the factory in 40 seconds.
Kill the gangsters and get the car.
Jumping over the wall.
Mission passed!