Architectural Espionage

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Explosive Situation
Architectural Espionage
Key to her Heart
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by Wu Zi Mu
Reward Respect

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Make sure you start this mission with a camera, if you don't have one steal a camera from a group of tourists at The Strip, indicated on your radar. Check out which tourist is holding a camera, kill him and grab the camera. You can skip this if you already own a camera.

Go to the Las Venturas Planning Departement to take a picture of the blueprints of Caligula's Palace. Get inside without showing any weapon and don't make any hostile move or you will fail the mission. Walk to the front desk and answer all the questions of the receptionist positive. When you answer negative she won't open the door to the stairway, but no harm done because you can start a new conversation every time. After she opened the door to the stairway go all the way up to the top floor.

The blueprints are in the far room of the top floor but you can't take the picture while the guard is around. You need to divert his attention, head down one floor and go to the 'document depository'. There will be two decrepit air conditioning units, destroy them to start a fire which triggers the fire-alarm. While the guards are busy evacuating the building head back to the top floor and take the picture of the blueprints, no rush. Now you'll see a short cut scene in which someone asks: "Where are those damn firemen?", from now on you'll have a 2 star wanted level.

Go downstairs all the way to the first floor while killing every cop on the stairway. At the first floor kill everybody, meanwhile you'll have a 4 star wanted level. Leave the building, outside it will be crowded by cops: your welcome comity! Shoot your way out of there and head back to The Four Dragons Casino. Once you're in the marker at the back of the casino you've passed this mission!


  • Use a bike at the start of the mission and place it in front of the Planning Department. This will be your getaway vehicle so you can ignore the cops and speed your way out of there after you've left the building.
  • As soon as you reached the first floor you can also directly run towards the exit while ignoring everybody who's shooting at you. You'll loose some health but there will be plenty enough to be able to get away.


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