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The Four Dragons Casino is a casino on the south end of the Strip in Las Venturas. In The Four Dragons Casino, the east and the west meet. In a completely oriental style, The Four Dragons Casino is a hotel and a casino under one roof. The Four Dragons Casino only recently opened and this event was - naturally - celebrated in oriental style.

Fish in a Barrel

The Four Dragons Casino was founded by the Triads, who usually reside in San Fierro. With this new business, the Triads have expanded towards Las Venturas. The Leone and Sindacco families, who operate from Caligula's Palace, aren't too happy with this turn of events. They are constantly trying to thwart the plans of the Triads.

The Four Dragons Casino has multiple owners. Three to be precise.

  • Wu Zi Mu (Woozie) is the Dai Dai Lo (leader) of the Mountain Cloud Boys, a subdivision of the Triads.
  • Ran Fa Li (Mr. Farlie) leads the Red Gecko Tong Triads, one of the most superior groups among the Triads.
  • Carl Johnson (CJ) leads, together with Sweet, the Grove Street Families.

The Four Dragons Casino is initiated by Woozie, but he decides that Carl Johnson and Ran Fa Li may become co-owners. Hence the three owners. In the mission Fish in a Barrel Carl and Ran Fa Li both sign the contracts, from which point on they are co-owners of the casino.

After completing the Flight School at Verdant Meadows you'll get a call from Woozie and you will be able to save the game there by walking through the SavePointMarker.gif-icon in front of the casino. The casino is enterable, but it does neither have a garage, nor a wardrobe. If all Horseshoes are found, an M4, an SMG, a Combat Shotgun and Satchel Charges will spawn to the left and right of the entrance.


In The Four Dragons Casino, the main idea is - evidently - gambling. Upon entering the casino, you will see a giant hallway with the logo of the casino. Via a raised platform you can enter the main gambling area. From this point you have a nice view on all the blackjack tables, the roulette tables, the slotmachines and the video poker machines. In the background there is a bar. To the right is a restaurant and to the left is an area for the Wheel of Fortune games. The whole thing is surrounded by half a circle of slot machines. To the left are the managerial suites and to the right is a small room for the casino staff. The latter is later used to plot the heist of Caligula's. The whole casino is decorated in an oriental style; little dragons, architecture, red and gold and a big golden Budha statue. Neons provide lighting.


You can play the following games in the casino:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Videopoker
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Slot machines


The staff - consisting of the croupiers, bar tenders and security guards - maintains order in the casino. Two Chinese women behind the bar serve tasteful drinks to the clients. The croupiers always smile and are always available to you. The security guards are muscled guys who won't hesitate to punch troublemakers in the face.

There is a distinction between the croupiers:

  • Female croupiers operate the the roulette and the Wheel of Fortune;
  • Male croupiers are responsible for the blackjack tables.

For other games, such as videopoker, no croupiers are used. After all, the player has to operate those themself.


As mentioned above, muscled security gards secure the casino. However, if you get in debt while gambling and you're not able to pay back the money you owe, you will also come in contact with those security guards. Even outside the casino.

In the event that you are in debt, and thus owe money to the casino, the casino owner will call you with a friendly reminder that you still owe money to the casino. "Hey, Mr. Johnson. Just a friendly reminder that you owe me money. Don't be a stranger!".

Everything okay so far. But if you haven't payed your debt after an extended period of time, the casino owner will call you again. This time less friendly. Evidently, he's not happy he still hasn't gotten his money back. He will tell you: "Mr. Johnson, I hear you're in the neighborhood! Some of my associates will be paying you a visit to talk about your debts".

Now some associates driving Vincents will come after you and will try to kill you with their AK-47s and Uzis. So you better think before gambling so you don't go in debt!

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