Blow your Cover

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Mission in GTA IV
Luck of the Irish
Blow Your Cover
Deconstruction for Beginners
The Puerto Rican Connection
Most Wanted Algonquin
Starts at ElizabetaMarker.png Elizabeta's apartment
Given by Elizabeta Torres
Reward $2000,=
acces to Algonquin

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Elizabeta will ask you to help with another deal. She helped Johnny to get a buyer for the heroin his gang owns. But they do not trust it and therefore Elizabeta wants you to oversee the deal. Then Johnny is going to get the heroin and Elizabeta introduces you to Playboy X, who will join you. In GTA IV: The Lost and Damned you will play this mission (Buyer’s Market) as Johnny and you will meet Niko Bellic for the first time.

Take Playboy X to the building where the deal will take place. You will meet Johnny on the third floor. When you and Playboy X arrive on the third floor, the buyers will behave very nervous. Johnny does not trust it and he suggests you leave. Once he has told Niko and Playboy X they better should leave, the buyer yells "LCPD, freeze!", by other meanings, they will shoot when they make a move. It obviously is an ambush by the police, and Niko, Playboy X and Johnny did not see it coming. You are trapped inside, surrounded by the NOOSE.

Shoot the two undercover agents and go back to the stairs. There you will see two NOOSE-policemen coming up. Shoot them as well and take Playboy X up to the next level. On top of the stairs there will be another policeman. Shoot him and turn around; there will be another policeman at the beginning of the stairs to the next floor. After you have shot him you go another level up. There you will meet two more policemen. Shoot them and take the stairs to the roof. On the roof there will be two more policemen, shoot them and take Playboy X to the roof of the adjacent building. Some policemen will come up the stairs. Shoot them all and go down the stairs. Downstairs one more policeman will come outside. Once you have shot him, you enter the building and go downstairs. You will see two more NOOSE-policemen, one in the staircase and one on the first floor. Once you are downstairs you run through the door and enter the Sultan which is parked over there. Floor it and lose your two-star wanted level. Once you have done that you will have to bring Playboy X to his apartment, which is in the now accessible Algonquin!


  • Get yourself a SMG and a shotgun. The SMG will be efficient on the rooftop, and the shotgun in the staircase. You will find a combat shotgun in the staircase on the first floor.


  • After the first cut-scene Playboy X’s car will be parked on the small parking lot nearby the apartments: A golden Patriot. This will also appear in his own missions, but this mission is not actually his.


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