The Puerto Rican Connection

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Mission in GTA IV
Blow your Cover
Out of the Closet...
The Puerto Rican Connection
marker The Snow Storm
marker Call and Collect
Random character: Ilyena Faustin
Random character: Hossan
Random character: Pathos
Random character: Sara
Starts at MannyMarker.png
Given by Manny Escuela
Reward $1500,=

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Fast route.

Manny wants you to take down three targets who are on a train. Drive to the Algonquin Bridge where you will see the train. You will now have to follow the train until the targets get out of it at a station. Shoot them and the mission will be passed. You can wait for them to come downstairs at Schottler Station or you can go upstairs. When you are fast enough you can run upstairs and shoot them from behind, so they will not have a chance to hit you.


  • From time to time you better take a look at the ingame map. You will see a transparent line which indicates the railroad. So you know what route the train will take in advance and you do not have to follow the train but you can drive a smart route. The best route to take is displayed.


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