Cam Jones

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Cam Jones
Cam Jones
Gender Male
Gang None
Hometown Vice City
GTA GTA Vice City
Voice Greg Sims

Cam Jones is a safe cracker and salesman of can openers (Cam’s Can Openers, "If anyone’s can, Cam’s can!") who lives in Vice City. Cam got caught when he tried to take a safe he couldn't open with him. Lawyer Ken Rosenberg defended him in court, but Cam was sentenced to jail. Tommy Vercetti, who needed Cam for a heist, busted him out of VCPD headquarters.

After this, Cam suggested his friend Phil Cassidy as gunman for the heist on El Banco Corrupto Grande. Cam Jones is one of the few characters who either dies or lives: he may die during the mission The Job. If he does, Phil will comment he was a good guy, but immediately realises they'll have more money as they don't have to split with Cam.