Crime and Punishment

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Mission in GTA IV
Uncle Vlad
Crime and Punishment
Do You Have Protection?
Most Wanted
Starts at Roman
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward $200

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When Roman calls you or Niko calls Roman you will be giving the opportunity to go to the R on your radar. There you can start the mission Crime and Punishment. When you walk into the marker you will see Roman sitting in a dumpster. He is hiding from Mikhail Faustin, 'cause he thinks that he's gonna kill him beacuse they killed Vlad in the mission Uncle Vlad. Niko is not afraid and says that Mikhail and his friends only give about money and not about Vlad. When they do some jobs for them everything will be fine. At this point Niko will be hit unconscious by a man with an assault rifle. Niko later on will be wake up by Dimitri Rascalov and founds himself in the basement of Mikhail Faustin. He will be interrogated by the man who hit him, Andrei. Andrei uses mean methods to make Niko tell him who he is, he e.g. hits him with a sawblade. Luckely enough Faustin walks in and makes Andrei stop hitting Niko. During a conversation with Faustin you will find out that Niko was right in his toughts that Faustin doesn't care for Vlad and Niko is asked to do a littele job. Niko is willing to do this but they have to untie Roman first. Roman starts to scream will being untied and Faustin shoots him in the stomach.

Now you're in control of Niko. First find a policecar. 'Accidental' a copcar is stopping nearby and the driver will go into a house. Wait while he's gone and take the Police Cruiser. Next thing to do is making three Speedo's to stop in order to look for television sets in the trunks. Drive your policar in front of the Speedo, go to the driverside and make the driver open the trunk. The third Speedo will be the one with the television sets in the back. When making this one stop you will be taking fire from one of the passengers. Kill him en drive the Speedo to the garage in order to deliver the goods. Once reaching the garage the mission will end.


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