Uncle Vlad

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Mission in GTA IV
Jamaican Heat
Ivan the Not So Terrible
Uncle Vlad
Crime and Punishment
Starts at Roman's Taxi Company
Given by Roman Bellic
Reward Fed The Fish

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When arriving at Roman's Taxi Company you will see Roman sitting sadly on the couch. He thinks that Mallorie is cheating on him with Vlad. Niko knew this already and Roman is blaming him that he didn't tell him. Niko thought that Roman wouldn't mind that Mallorie was cheating on him because of their open relationship, but now he knows that Roman does mind it, it's time for action. Together with Roman you will have to drive to the Comrades Bar where Vlad is. You'd better use a fast car like a Uranus because of a pursuit later in the mission. When arriving at the Comrades Bar it is best to stop the car in the marker facing the north.

As soon as you stop the car in the marker, Niko starts walking in the bar and will start a dialogue with Vlad. Roman also will enter and Vlad asks his two bodyguards to protect him. After he had said that, he starts to escape the bar. Roman goes after him and takes his place in your car. The cut scene will end and first you'll have to kill the two bodyguards. You can do this with a pistol or by using your fists. After killing both men you'll have to run outside to see Vlad getting in his car and drive away. Take the wheel and chase Vlad as fast as you can.

After a while Vlad will hit a truck and his car will refuse to start again. He will get out and will run to the riverside. There you will have an argument with him and you will be forced to kill him. Roman will come to you and starts to yell at you because it wasn't the plan to kill Vlad. Roman fears that Mikhail Faustin will take revenge on them. Niko gets emotional and tells something about his past: 10 years ago, when serving the army, his team of 15 soldiers where planning to kill another group of soldiers but where betrayed by one of the team members. Twelve of his men died. Niko swore to take revenge on the traitor and has reasons to believe the man is in Liberty City. After telling this the police will arrive and Roman will flee. Niko dumps Vlad's body and you will have passed the mission.


  • It's not necessary to kill both bodyguards; just walking outside will do the trick. They will follow you though and will drag you out of the car if you're not driving off fast enough. Whether you kill them or not, it will not have an effect on the rest of the mission: Vlad will not drive away until you are outside.