Hating the Haters

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Mission in GTA IV
Weekend at Florian's
Hating the Haters
Union Drive
Starts at BernieMarker.png Middle Park East
Given by Bernie Crane
Reward $6000

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Bernie is very upset, because of the fact someone has been threatening him a few times, while he was jogging. Niko suggests going to the park with Bernie, to keep an eye on him.

Go to the park and follow Bernie while he is jogging. Keep some distance, but do not get too far behind. At a certain moment, when Bernie is under a viaduct, a cut scene starts. You will see Bernie being hit with a baseball bat, by the so called gay hater, after which Niko will react.

When the cut scene is passed, you will have to eliminate the target. He will flee on a Faggio, so you will have to use the other Faggio to follow him. Take him down and go back to Bernie. After you have brought him to Perseus the mission will be passed.


  • You can take down the “hater” with a sniper rifle when he flees on the Faggio, but to do so you have to be very capable.


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