Union Drive

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Mission in GTA IV
Hating the Haters
Union Drive
Buoys Ahoy
Starts at BernieMarker.png Middle Park East
Given by Bernie Crane
Reward $6250

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In the cut scene you will see Bernie making a phone call to his boyfriend Bryce Dawkins, the major of Liberty City. Bryce suffers from an extortionist because of his (secret) relationship with Bernie while he still is married to his wife. Bernie is panicking and he asks Niko to help him to get rid if the extortionist.

You now have to get a car and to take Bernie to the marked location. Once you get there you will meet the accomplices of the extortionist. You will find out that Dimitri Rascalov appears to be the extortionist, but het is not there at the meeting. Niko threatens the accomplices to stop. They refuse and take off in a black Super GT, after which you have to follow them.

Try to take them down while following them with the available weapons. When you do not, a cut scene will start in which you will see the car crashing in a small park in Castle gardens, near the Castle Tunnel. Niko will tell Bernie to stay in the car, after which you will have to kill the two targets. This should be easy, since they only have s. Once you have done this you will have to bring Bernie home to finish the mission.


  • Make sure you have a fast vehicle, because you have to follow a very fast Super GT.
  • Do not use your guns if you want to get hold of the black Super GT, just follow them until they leave the car. The car will be undamaged after the race. Place the Super GT at one of your safe houses and come back for Bernie.


  • When you have not taken them down, the police will be there to help you just before the Castle Tunnel. They will not be of much help; they will crash inside the tunnel.


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