Holland Nights

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Mission in GTA IV
Final Interview
Holland Nights
Starts at FrancisMarker.png LCPD Headquarters (Winstminster)
Given by Francis McReary
Reward $5000,-

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When you enter McReary’s office he is on the phone with his mother. McReary has a job for you. A drug dealer from East Holland who is pimping women and dealing drugs has to be killed. You have to go to the projects in East Holland. Once you are there you will call McReary who will tell you the dealer is on the second floor, and he also will give you the tip not to use violence until you are on the second floor. Everyone near these buildings seems to work for the dealer, who is called Clarence. Once you are on the second floor someone will try to hit you. Shoot him and everyone will start to shoot. While using cover you have to follow Clarence. Each time you are close to him he will run away, but continue to follow him. He will try to stop you by throwing things at you. Be careful, because people are still shooting at you. You will have to choose: You want him dead o not? Whatever you choose, you will get a two star wanted level. Loose the cops and you will call McReary to tell him Clarence is dead.


  • Get yourself armor and a lot of weapons, you will need them.
  • At the point where Clarence runs to the third floor, you can carefully approach the stairs. At the point where you can see him (free-aim) you have to shoot, because he will be at the top of the stairs and he is an easy target.
  • You can not choose? Look over here too find out the consequences of your choice.
  • If you choose to kill Clarence it can be done with a sniper rifle. Clarence can be killed easily from the street without his friends shooting at you. Make sure one shot is enough, so shoot him in the head. After that you only have to lose your wanted level.


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