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During some missions you'll have to make a choice: do you kill someone or not? Who are you gonna kill? Most of the times this could be a dilemma, and to simplify this dilemma, you can use the next table to find out what the results will be of the different choices. The coloured choices are recommended by us. The dilemma's without a coloured choice doesn't really matter, we can't recommend a certain choice, so these will be a choice of your own.

Mission Choice 1 Result 1 Choice 2 Result 2
Ivan the Not So Terrible Kill Ivan (*) He won't come back as a Random Character Don't kill Ivan He will come back as a Random Character
Ruff Rider Kill Cherise (*) She won't come back as a Random Character Don't kill Cherise She will come back as a Random Character
Holland Nights Kill Clarence (*) He won't come back as a Random Character Don't kill Clarence He will try to kill you as a Random Character
The Holland Play Kill Playboy X You'll get Playboy X's house
Dwayne will send gang-members when you call
Kill Dwayne $25.000
Playboy X doesn't want to see you again
Blood Brothers Kill Francis McReary No difference with this choice Kill Derrick McReary You can call Francis to clear your wanted level
(Also possible by having Kiki as your girlfriend)
That Special Someone Kill Darko No difference with this choice Don't kill Darko No difference with this choice
One Last Thing Deal You'll loose Kate's respect
Roman will be killed
Revenge Kate will be killed

(*) If you want to complete all Trophies / Achievements, don't kill the three persons Ivan, Cherise and Clarence in order to be able to complete the Trophy / Achievement 'No More Strangers'.

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