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GTA IV allows you to carry a diverse set of weapons, which can be found, picked up from a killed enemy, bought at a shop. You can buy weapons at weapon stores after completing the mission Do You Have Protection? from Mikhail Faustin. When you are good friends (more than 75%) with Little Jacob you can buy them also from him, for a lower price than in the stores. You can find a map of the weapon store locations here.


The ammunition within all weapon slots are exchangeable; they use the same bullets. This means that when you change your weapon within a weapon slot, you will keep the bullets you already have and the bullets of the weapon you pick up or buy will be added to that amount. The amount of bullets you can carry is restrictive, you can see this amount in the table below. When you reach the 100% progress, you can carry an unlimited amount of bullets. However, when you save the game, you will only have the limit as stated in the table below.

The weapons

You can find all the weapons and their HUD-image in the table below. If you want to find out more about the weapon, you can click on the link next to the weapon. Rockstar North has given some weapon strange names. For example, the "Combat Pistol" is obviously based on a Desert Eagle. If possible, you can find the name of the weapon where it is based next to the ingame name below. You can find a map with the locations by clicking on the link next to the weapon.


Fist Fist
No locations, always available.


Baseball bat Baseball bat
Knife Knife


(Maximum 1500 bullets)

Pistol Pistol (Glock 17)
Combat pistol Combat pistol (Desert Eagle)


(Maximum 80 bullets)

Pump shotgun Pump shotgun (Ithaca 37 "Stakeout")
Combat shotgun Combat shotgun (Remington 1100)

Submachine guns

(Maximum 1200 bullets)

Micro SMG Micro SMG (Micro-Uzi)
SMG SMG (Special Weapon MP10)

Assault rifles

(Maximum 600 bullets)

Assault rifle Assault rifle (AK-47)
Carbine rifle Carbine rifle (M4 Carbine)

Sniper rifles

(Maximum 50 bullets)

Sniper rifle Sniper rifle
Combat sniper Combat sniper (PSG1)

Heavy artillery

(Maximum 8 rockets)


Thrown weapons

(Maximim 25 pieces)

Molotov cocktails Molotov cocktail
Grenades Grenade (M26A1)

Thrown objects

Thrown object Thrown object
This could be every object you take at the street.

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