Home Invasion

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
between 12:00pm and 8:00pm
Home Invasion
Starts at Marker Ryder's Place
Given by Ryder
Reward Respect

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In this mission you have to steal weapons. This isn't like normally with brute violence, this time you break into a house. You have 8 minutes for this mission. Drive as fast as possible to the house of Colonel Fuhrberger, grab 6 crates as fast as possible, load them into the black Boxville and go to the lockup garage where you dump the goods.

You don't have to steal 6 crates, 3 crates is enough to pass this mission. Be careful not to make too much noise, because else Colonel Fuhrberger will wake up. Use the 'sneak-mode' which is explained in the mission itself. The bar can safely be filled once, Colonel Fuhrberger thinks he has a dream about Vietnam. The next time he will come after you with a shotgun and you can only survive one bullet.


  • If you select the shotgun and aim when you are sneaking CJ will walk faster without making to much noise. During the walk with a box also select the shotgun but don't aim because otherwise CJ will drop the box. This way you walk faster as in "Sneak-mode".


  • After you completed this mission a cut scene is shown in which the Burglar mission is explained. Actually you could have start the Burglary mission right from the start of the game, but in this mission you'll learn to become a professional burglar.
  • The ski mask can't be bought in shops and will never be available in your wardrobe, it can only be seen during this mission. As soon as you walk into your wardrobe during this mission you'll lose the Ski Mask and will fail the mission.


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